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Your birth, or natal chart is a 'snapshot' of the positions occupied by the Sun, Moon and planets relative to the Earth, at the time of your birth. It is from the Birth Chart that predictions regarding your personality and disposition are made.

The Astrographix Birth Chart represents an evolution in mainstream astrology resulting in a uniquely personal Birth Chart. Our Birth Charts combine inspiration, artistic brilliance, and ancient Western and Chinese astrological traditions. We take your moment of birth and turn it into a stunning, personalized piece of art.

Makes a Great Gift!

Astrographix Birth Charts are highly personalized and make excellent gifts. Created and delivered via email within just a few minutes, we make giving an Astrographix Birth Chart easy. When ordering, just specify that the chart is a gift and provide the recipient's email address. We'll send both you and the gift recipient your own "My Stars" account information where the gift chart may be downloaded.

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